All Girls Are Required to Love Fall

All girls are required to love Fall. When we apply to be girls, we go to the Girl Counter, they hold your girl card up and they go, “What’s your favorite season?” and we go, “It’s Fall motha fucker.” — Iliza Shlesinger

Is there anything more basic than girls going apple picking in the Fall and taking numerous Instagram-worthy pictures? Perhaps, but only if a PSL was involved. And I can honestly say that I never did jump on the pumpkin spice latte train.

I’m basic, just not THAT basic. IMG_0771

So, on October 1st, a couple girlfriends and I went to Marker-Miller Orchards Farm & Market in Virginia and took pictures to our heart’s content. In addition to picking apples, we climbed some trees, ate some BBQ (mac & cheese for us vegetarians) and bought some produce (spaghetti squash, butternut squash, corn, tomatoes, green beans).

Everything was extremely affordable. To fill a 25lb bag of freshly picked apples is cost up $18, so $6 each. Then, at the market I bought all of the produce above plus salsa, pimento cheese and some fresh bread for $22. It was such a good deal!



The market also had ice cream and apple cider slushies and fudge and pies but I’m not a huge sweets person so I passed on those. My friends were excited, and pretty much mainly came (kind of), to try the freshly made apple cider donuts. I’m definitely not a donut person, but a warm apple cider donut is quite yummy.



As you can see, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Fall day. And one thing I really liked about Marker-Miller is that there was no access fee. I’ve been to a few other farms that charged by the car just to get in. This orchard also had pumpkins, tractor rides and a bunch of cute activities for kids. The highlight for me though was the fresh and extremely affordable vegetables at the market.

Next weekend I’m hoping to head back to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah and chase some waterfalls! Now that I live in Virginia instead of Maryland, planning a day trip is so much easier.


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