My 2018 Wanderlust List

Welp, it’s 2018, and can I just say… fuck you 2017? I mean most things in my life are great and there were some really awesome movements that came out of 2017 but it’s hard to shake all the negativity going on in the world. I suppose that’s exactly what New Year’s are for though, right? New year, new motto/outlook/me, or some shit like that.

While I am aiming to leave the negativity that came out of 2017 behind I don’t feel the usual sense of new beginnings or

the fresh start that most New Year’s in the past have brought for me. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing though as I’m quite happy with my life and very excited for the plans I have in 2018…so I guess I won’t dwell on it. *shrug*

In honor of the New Year I wanted to post up my wanderlust list for the year. Below you’ll find a list of trips I have planned then a list of a few other trips I still want to try make happen before the year is out. I also plan to attend numerous concerts, even in addition to the two music festivals I’m already going to so look out for recaps of Betty Who, Emo Night BK and The Kooks to name a few!


New York City


This trip is on the books for 2.5 weeks from now. A weekend vacation with the siblings traveling to my favorite city to freeze our butts off and see Khalid. The trip is a Christmas present from my amazing sister since she is moving across the country to Cali in a month. I can’t wait to start off traveling this year with the fam!

Staycation in DC


Getting a hotel in DC with the boyfriend around Valentines Day to get out of the house, spend some time together and see a bit of the city.

Roadtrip to Texas

Using the need to visit the boyfriend’s family in Texas as an excuse to roadtrip our way to the south. Consider me utterly nervous to be in the south as you can usually find me scoffing at the “southern way” of doing things or rolling my eyes during country songs.  Itinerary more about my nerves to come.

Costa Rica

A week-long solo trip I planned over 4 months ago to overlap my birthday. Details still to be planned but I. AM. SO. EXCITED! Better brush up on my Spanish.

Rock on the Range


Taking it back to Columbus, right near my alma mater to experience my first rock music festival. I haven’t been back to Ohio State in 4+ years so I’m excited to see the old stomping ground and rock out to bands that have been on my bucket list for forever, like Three Days Grace, Bullet for my Valentine and I Prevail.

Firefly Music Festival

Round 4 in the making. The lineup isn’t even released yet but I know I’ll be attending. Every year it gets better and better!

Virginia Beach

I lived in Virginia for almost 2 years now and have barely explored the state. So, in my attempts to see more of the state that I live in I’ll be heading to Virginia Beach. Hoping to find the cutest, least touristy town the area has to offer. Wish me luck.



Little sister is moving to the sunshine state so there’s no better excuse to go visit than now. Just have to let her settle in first before we try to work out the details.


Since I have family in the suburbs of Chicago I’ve visited the city twice in the last two years but only spent a day exploring everything the city has to offer and that’s obviously not enough. So, two birds, one stone, I want to head back out there to see more of my family and more of the city.


I’ve never been to Canada. And I can’t believe that. So I want to change that this year, hopefully head up to Montreal, maybe hit Niagara Falls on the way. Who knows.


Another city in this state I call home that I’ve never visited. I had plans to travel down their last year to see the Foo Fighters and the Struts but couldn’t get tickets but I want to try to make the trip happen again this year.


I want to plan a camping trip with friends to Assateague. Due to the popularity of the campsites, you have to book 6 months in advance for these so logistics with friends who don’t like committing that far in advance can be difficult.

Well that’s the wanderlust list for the year as it currently stands. Let’s see how things plan out, shall we?

And please share where you’re either planning to or want to travel to this year! I love hearing where ever one else is planning to visit.

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