Maddy & Music: Judah & the Lion

I fucking love music. Even more, I love live music. While music though any medium tells a story, live music adds a personal experience, a connection to the artist and an energy that is simply intoxicating. If I could go to a concert every week, I would.

There are two moments, musically, from last year that stand out beyond any other. The first was at Firefly Music Festival when I was in the crowd for the 30 Seconds to Mars performance. They have been my favorite band for year but this was only my second time being able to see them as they tend to tour more in Europe and on the West Coast (boo!). This second show was by far the best of the two as I was able to get 20 feet from the stage and at one point only 10 feet from Jared Leto as he came out into the crowd for Kings and Queens. I still get chills thinking about it.

The second memory that stands out is of another band that I saw for the first time at Firefly last year who I saw again when they opened for Incubus. But the best experience was seeing them for a third time last year on their headlining tour: Judah and the Lion. Holy fucking shit do they know how to put on a show. There were not crazy gimmicks, outfits or dances; it was just their energy and commentary between songs that completely captivated the audience.

This was at the 9:30 Club in DC, a two level music venue. At one point Judah shows up above the crowd on the top level to guide the crowd through the chorus and sing Going to Mars. Towards the end of the show he puts the bottom of his tshirt over his head and dances like nobody is watching. Then during the encore he throws a bass drum 10 ft in the air, catches it, hits it, throws it up again and repeats until the end of the song. All of this simply lead to a complete enchantment of the audience as their energy was utterly contagious.

The show closed with a sing-a-long of to a classic, Lean on Me by Bill Withers. The entire crowd and band joined, arm over shoulder, basking in the the unique feeling of connection only felt when a group of people who all love the same thing come together and enjoy the moment.

The band is going back on tour at the end of the month so if you had even the smallest interest to see their show, I highly recommend it. They are coming back to DC April 16th and I would 100% be going if I wasn’t leaving for Costa Rica at 5:45am the next morning *sigh*

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