Maddy & Music: HAIM @ The Anthem

This was my first show at DC’s newest venue, The Anthem, and boy is it cool looking…with three stories, a huge pit, pricey yet yummy food, drinks and lovely architecture, the venue was quite a sight. I usually don’t get to concerts when the doors open but I really wanted to have time to explore The Anthem. It’s a mix of the old and the new. There’s a mix of assigned box seating and general admission standing (though there are a few raised areas available to anyone). These spots would be an awesome place to watch the show but by the time I was done exploring, the spots were full. There’s a large screen as tall as the stage on either side displaying curtains as you would see in a theatre, just in LED lights. There’s beveled ceilings with chandelier looking lights. The venue is a essentially a newer 9:30 Club mixed with one of the theatres from the Kennedy Center. All in all, I reallyyyyy liked The Anthem and can’t wait to head back for another show.


Okay, so you know what I really love? When you go to a show with no idea who the opener is and then you are blown away by them. That’s exactly what happened with Lizzo. Holy shitskies this girl has talent. She has the pipes, the confidence and the the moves. It was the most fun I’ve had during an opening act, EVER.

&&& she’s coming to Firefly next month, so color me stoked!


Now onto HAIM, but speaking of Firefly, I have been a fan of this band since 2013 when they were at Firefly. I didn’t go to the festival that year but I did obsess over the lineup and that’s where I learned of HAIM. I missed them for various reasons the few times they came around to DC in the years since 2013 and I was super bummed. So, needless to say, I was going to this concert no matter what and without anyone to go with I went by myself.

HAIM is three of the coolest chicks, with some retro flair and kickass talent who also happen to be sisters. They make for an interesting band. Which is why I believe, in part, they have had such success…they are new and unique yet give us touches of music and performance from the 80s and 90s.

Between songs, the three chided one another playfully, told stories about how songs came to be and shared their awe at the size of the audience in this new venue. Their authenticity made me feel like I fit right in to their little group.


I’ll be honest though, I was a little worried at what their showmanship would look like. I had never watched them live, just seen a few interviews and they didn’t seem like the most interesting people. But that’s part of what draws you in. They are real and endearing and so easy to relate to; all of which translates on stage. I left as a bigger fan than I was before I the show. It was a great night.

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